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OWNCLOUD(1) ownCloud Client Manual OWNCLOUD(1)


owncloud - File synchronisation desktop utility. owncloud(1) ————

owncloud [OPTIONS...]

The ownCloud Client is a file synchronization desktop utility. It synchronizes files on your local computer, tablet, or handheld device with an ownCloud Server. If you make a change to the files on one device, the change is propagated to all other synchronized devices using the desktop synchronization clients.

Normally, you start the client by clicking on the desktop icon or by starting it from the client application menu. After starting, an ownCloud icon appears in the computer system tray or on your tablet or handheld device.

You have the option of starting your ownCloud desktop client with the owncloud command. The following options are supported:

Displays all command options.

The other options are:

Opens a window displaying log output.
Write log output to the file specified. To write to stdout, specify - as the filename.
Writes each synchronization log output in a new file in the specified directory.
Removes logs older than the value specified (in hours). This command is used with --logdir.
Clears (flushes) the log file after each write action.
Also output debug-level messages in the log (equivalent to setting the env var QT_LOGGING_RULES="qt.*=true;*.debug=true").


Uses the specified configuration directory.

The ownCloud Client reads a configuration file. You can locate this configuration file as follows:


The configuration file contains settings using the Microsoft Windows .ini file format. You can overwrite changes using the ownCloud configuration dialog.


Use caution when making changes to the ownCloud Client configuration file. Incorrect settings can produce unintended results.

Some interesting values that can be set on the configuration file are:

[ownCloud] section
Variable Default Meaning
remotePollInterval 30000 Specifies the poll time for the remote repository in milliseconds.
forceSyncInterval 7200000 The duration of no activity after which a synchronization run shall be triggered automatically.
fullLocalDiscoveryInterval 3600000 The interval after which the next synchronization will perform a full local discovery.
notificationRefreshInterval 300000 Specifies the default interval of checking for new server notifications in milliseconds.
[General] section
Variable Default Meaning
chunkSize 5242880 Specifies the chunk size of uploaded files in bytes.
promptDeleteAllFiles true If a UI prompt should ask for confirmation if it was detected that all files and folders were deleted.
maxLogLines 20000 Specifies the maximum number of log lines displayed in the log window.
timeout 300 The timeout for network connections in seconds.
moveToTrash false If non-locally deleted files should be moved to trash instead of deleting them completely. This option only works on linux
showExperimentalOptions false Whether to show experimental options that are still undergoing testing in the user interface. Turning this on does not enable experimental behavior on its own. It does enable user inferface options that can be used to opt in to experimental features.
[Proxy] section
Variable Default Meaning
host The address of the proxy server.
port 8080 The port were the proxy is listening.
type 2 0 for System Proxy.
1 for SOCKS5 Proxy.
2 for No Proxy.
3 for HTTP(S) Proxy.

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