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OCIOBAKELUT(1) General Commands Manual OCIOBAKELUT(1)


ociobakelut - create a new LUT or icc profile from an OCIO config or lut file(s)


ociobakelut [options] output-file...


This manual page documents briefly the ociobakelut command.

ociobakelut is a program which bakes a color transform into various color lookup file formats ("a LUT")

This is intended for applications that have not directly integrated OCIO, but can load LUT files


A summary of options is included below.

Input OCIO ColorSpace (or Role)
Output OCIO ColorSpace (or Role)
the OCIO ColorSpace or Role, for the shaper
the OCIO looks to apply

Input .ocio configuration file (default: $OCIO) Config-Free LUT Baking

Specify a LUT (forward direction)
Specify a LUT (inverse direction)
offset (float)
offset (10-bit)
saturation (ASC-CDL luma coefficients)

Baking options

size of the shaper (default: format specific)
size of the cube (default: format specific)
Write to stdout (rather than file)

ICC Options

whitepoint for the profile (default: 6505) --displayicc s an icc profile which matches the OCIO profiles target display --description s a meaningful description, this will show up in UI like photoshop --copyright s a copyright field

other options

Show summary of options.


ociocheck(1), ocioconvert(1), ociolutimage(1).