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COMPUTE-TOOLS(7) Miscellaneous Information Manual COMPUTE-TOOLS(7)


compute-tools - Manage systemd-nspawn containers


[A Linux container] is an operating-system-level virtualization environment for running multiple isolated Linux systems (containers) on a single Linux control host.

compute-tools provides the system integration for managing containers using systemd-nspawn(1).


Upstream Releases:

Upstream Sources:

Debian Releases:

Debian Sources:



$ sudo apt install git make python3-docutils dbus systemd-container
$ git clone
$ cd compute-tools && sudo make install

Debian 9 (stretch) and newer

$ sudo apt install compute-tools


Bug reports, feature requests, help, patches, support and everything else are welcome on the Open Infrastructure Software Mailing List (

Please base patches against the 'next' Git branch using common sense (

Debian specific bugs can also be reported in the Debian Bug Tracking System (


This version of compute-tools currently do not work with systemd-networkd and depend on ifupdown.

Using overlay, the upper directory can not be an NFS mount due to limitations in Linux' overlay filesystem (


sudo container build -n NAME
sudo container start -n NAME
sudo container stop -n NAME
sudo container remove -n NAME
sudo container list
container version

See container(1) for a list of all container commands.


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compute-tools were written by Daniel Baumann <> and others.

compute-tools Open Infrastructure