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caf(1) General Commands Manual caf(1)


caf - Fortran compiler wrapper for OpenCoarrays


caf <fortran-source-file> [options] ...


Show this help message --version, -v, -V Report version and copyright information --wrapping, -w, --wraps Report the name of the wrapped compiler


caf foo.f90 -o foo
caf -v
caf --help


As of OpenCoarrays 1.6.0, caf supports three categories of compilers with the following restrictions for each use case:

1. With an OpenCoarrays-Aware (OCA) compiler (GNU 5.1.0 or later),
a. If any of the options listed above appear, any remaining arguments are ignored.
b. If present, <fortran-source-file> must
* be a Fortran source file,
* appear before all other arguments,
* be the only Fortran source file in the argument list,
* have a name of the form *.f90, *.F90, *.f, or *.F.
c. The environment variable 'CAFC' must be empty or point to a Fortran compiler/linker.
d. If 'CAFC' is empty, a default value of 'mpif90' is used.

2. With non-OCA CAF compilers (Intel or Cray),
a. Observe restrictions 1a-d above.
b. Access OpenCoarrays collective subroutines via use association with an only clause,
e.g., 'use opencoarrays, only : co_sum,co_broadcast'

3. With non-CAF compilers (all compilers not named above),
a. Observe restrictions 1a-d above.
b. Access OpenCoarrays capabilities via use association ('use opencoarrays').
c. The only CAF statements or expressions allowed are the following:
* 'num_images()'
* 'this_image()' with or without arguments
* 'sync all' with or without arguments.
* 'sync images' with or without arguments.
* 'error stop' without arguments.
* 'co_sum', 'co_broadcast', 'co_max', 'co_min', or 'co_reduce'

The caf wrapper will append -L, -l, and other required arguments as necessary
using values that get set during the OpenCoarrays build and installation.




caf is part of the OpenCoarrays package from Sourcery, Inc. This manual page was written by Alastair McKinstry