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ONAK(1) General Commands Manual ONAK(1)


onak - an OpenPGP compatible keyserver


onak [ options ] command [ parameters ]


Perform various keyserver actions.


Treat keys on stdin as binary rather than ASCII armoured.
Use FILE as the config file instead of the default.
Display fingerprints when listing keys.
Update keys - output changes on stdout.
Verbose; increase loglevel.


Read OpenPGP keys from stdin and add them to the keyserver database.
Read OpenPGP keys from stdin, run the key cleaning routines against them and dump to stdout.
Dump the running config in new .ini format to stdout, or the provided file. Intended to help with migration from old style configuration files - onak can read and parse the old style file and this command will output the equivalent new style configuration.
Delete a given key from the keyserver.
Dump all the keys from the keyserver.
Retrieves the requested key from the keyserver.
Retrieves the first photoid on the requested key and dumps to stdout.
Search for a key and list it.
Search for a key and list it and its signatures.


List all keys in the keyserver that contain the word noodles.
Clean up one or more PGP keys. Currently this will just dedupe UIDs.
Export all keys on your gnupg keyring and import them into the keyserver.


/etc/onak.ini	default configuration file


This man page could probably do with some more details.


onak was written by Jonathan McDowell <>. It can be found at