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olsr_switch(8) System Manager's Manual olsr_switch(8)


olsr_switch - olsrd network simulator


olsrd [ -foo foo ] [ -bar bar ]


olsr_switch is an implementation of the Optimized Link State Routing protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc networks(MANET). The protocol is described in RFC3626. It is designed to be run as a standalone server process - but as it is still in an experimental stage most users will prefer running it with some debug output which is directed to STDOUT.

This manual page only lists the command line arguments. For details of the configuration file see the comments included in /etc/olsrd.conf. Note that none of these options need to be set at the command line - all these options and others can be set in the configuration file.

The homepage of olsrd is


This option specifies on what network interfaces olsrd should run. These interfaces cannot be aliased interfaces such as eth0:1.
This option overrides the default configuration file path used by olsrd - /etc/olsrd.conf





Jun 2005