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npm-owner - Manage package owners


npm.commands.owner(args, callback)


The first element of the ´args´ parameter defines what to do, and the subsequent elements depend on the action. Possible values for the action are (order of parameters are given in parenthesis):

List all the users who have access to modify a package and push new versions. Handy when you need to know who to bug for help.
Add a new user as a maintainer of a package. This user is enabled to modify metadata, publish new versions, and add other owners.
Remove a user from the package owner list. This immediately revokes their privileges.

Note that there is only one level of access. Either you can modify a package, or you can´t. Future versions may contain more fine-grained access levels, but that is not implemented at this time.


  • npm apihelp publish
  • npm help registry

August 2014