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Pamtopdbimg User Manual(1) General Commands Manual Pamtopdbimg User Manual(1)


pamtopdbimg - convert a Netpbm image to a Palm Pilot Image Viewer PDB Image



[-notefile=filename] [-title=text] [-compressed] [-uncompressed] [-maybecompressed] [-4depth] [-fixedtime]



This program is part of Netpbm(1).

pamtopdbimg reads a Netpbm image as input and produced a Palm Pilot Image Viewer image (and Image record in a PDB file) as output.

If the Netpbm image is black and white, the Pilot image is monochrome. Otherwise, the Pilot image is either 4-level or 16-level grayscale, depending on the -4depth option.


In addition to the options common to all programs based on libnetpbm (most notably -quiet, see
Common Options
), pamtopdbimg recognizes the following command line options:

The title of the image, to be included in the image.

You may specify only one of these. -compressed says to generate the image in compressed format. -uncompressed says to generate the image in uncompressed format. -maybecompressed says to generate whichever format is smaller (the compression algorithm sometimes actually makes the data larger).

This option makes pamtopdbimg create the image in 16-level grayscale (4 bits per pixel) format. If you don't specify this, pamtopdbimg uses 4-level (2 bits per pixel) format.

This option has no effect when the input is black and white (maxval 1). In that case, pamtopdbimg generates the monochrome (1 bit per pixel) format regardless.

Attach the note in the specified file to the image.

If you don't specify this, pamtopdbimg does not attach any note.

Fake the mtime and ctime vaues in the PDB image with a value that is the same every time you run the program. This facilitates testing and verification because it means with the same input you always get the same output.

This option was new in Netpbm 10.98 (March 2022).


pdbimgtopam(1), palmtopnm(1), pam(1),


pamtopdbimg was new in Netpbm 10.52 (September 2010). It was modelled after Eric A. Howe's imgvtopbm package, which dates back to September 1997.


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