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ELINK(1) NCBI Entrez Direct User's Manual ELINK(1)


elink - look up related NCBI Entrez records


elink [-help] [-related] [-target dbname] [-name name] [-db name] [-id ID(s)] [-input filename] [-cmd command] [-cited] [-cites]


elink follows links between Entrez databases, either extending an existing Entrez Direct pipeline or honoring explicit -db and -id (or -input) options.


Destination Database

Look up neighbors in the same database.
Follow links to another database.
Follow an explicit link name such as pubmed_protein_refseq, pubmed_pubmed_citedin, or pubmed_pubmed_refs.

Direct Record Selection

Entrez database name for immediate lookups.
Unique identifier(s) for immediate lookups.
Read identifer(s) from file instead of standard input.

Advanced Control

Command type (returns eLinkResult XML):
Save results in Entrez history server
Neighbors or links
Neighbors with computed similarity scores
All links available
Existence of neighbors
Existence of external links (LinkOuts)
Non-library LinkOut providers
All LinkOut providers
Primary LinkOut provider.

PubMed Citation Lookup

References to this paper.
Publication reference list.

-cited and -cites use the NIH Open Citation Collection dataset (see PMID 31600197) to follow reference links.

Miscellaneous Arguments

Print usage information.


einfo(1), epost(1), nquire(1).

2022-02-05 NCBI