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nauty-dretodot - read graphs and initial coloring in dreadnaut format and write in dot format


dretodot [-S#:#ixF#o#m#n#r#:#[r#]d#g] [infile.dre [ [outfile.dre]]]


Read graphs and initial coloring in dreadnaut format. Write graphs in dot format to If outfile.dre is given, write the input graph and the partition, as modified by the -F and -i options, to outfile.dre. outfile.dre is allowed to be the same file as infile.dre.
Set max number of vertices (default 1000).
Set max number of edges (default 5000).
Set verbose mode (default NO).

-S#:# Set maximum width and height of the drawing, in inches

(default 10 x 6.18).
Refine the partition before drawing (default NO).
Draw the orbit partition, computed by Traces. (default NO).
Individualize vertex # (and refine the partition).
Label vertices starting at # (default 0). This can be overridden in the input.
Set the drawing model (see 0 (or any value different from 1,...,5)=dot (default 0), 1=neato, 2=fdp, 3=sfdp, 4=twopi, 5=circo.
Scale the size of vertices in the drawing (#=0,1,2; default 1).

-r#:# (-r#) Set the vertices to be drawn at the topmost level

in a hierarchical (dot model) drawing (default none). Any sequence of -r#:# (r#) options is allowed.
Draw the graph induced by vertices at topmost level and by vertices at distance # from them; example: ./dretodot -n2 -r1 -r12:17 -d2 MyGraph.dre
Highlight the induced subgraph into the whole graph.
Only dreadnaut commands $,$$,g,n,f,",! are recognised; no digraphs.
November 2022 nauty 2.8.6