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MUDITA24(1) User Commands MUDITA24(1)


mudita24 - ALSA GUI control tool for Envy24 (ice1712) soundcards


usage: mudita24 [-c card#] [-D control-name] [-o num-outputs] [-i num-inputs] [-p num-pcm-outputs] [-s num-spdif-in/outs] [-v] [-f profiles-file] [profile name|profile id] [-m channel-num] [-w initial-window-width] [-t height-num] [-n]

Alsa card number to control
Limit number of analog line outputs to display
Limit number of analog line inputs to display
Limit number of PCM outputs to display
Limit number of spdif inputs/outputs to display
shows the spdif playback channels in the mixer
use file as profiles file
midi channel number for controller control
Use an enhanced mapping from midi controller to db slider
Set initial window width (try 2,6 or 8; 280,626, or 968)
Set taller height mixer displays (1-9)
Disable scale marks, which may be incorrect on certain cards (?),
or whose Gtk-detent at the mark position may be annoying
The program 'alsactl' is automatically found and used. Environment variable ALSACTL_PROG overrides its location.
March 2016 mudita24 1.0.3+svn13