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UNDOCUMENTED(3) Linux Programmer's Manual UNDOCUMENTED(3)


none - undocumented library functions


Undocumented library functions


This man page mentions those library functions which are implemented in the standard libraries but not yet documented in man pages.


If you have information about these functions, please look in the source code, write a man page (using a style similar to that of the other Linux section 3 man pages), and send it to for inclusion in the next man page release.


des_setparity dn_skipname ecb_crypt encrypt endnetgrent endrpcent endutent fcrypt fp_nquery fp_query fp_resstat get_myaddress getnetgrent getnetname getpublickey getrpcbyname getrpcbynumber getrpcent getrpcport getsecretkey h_errlist host2netname hostalias inet_nsap_addr inet_nsap_ntoa init_des innetgr key_decryptsession key_encryptsession key_gendes key_setsecret libc_nls_init lockf mcheck memalign mstats mtrace netname2host netname2user nlist obstack_free p_cdname p_cdnname p_class p_fqname p_option p_query p_rr p_time p_type passwd2des pmap_getmaps pmap_getport pmap_rmtcall pmap_set pmap_unset putlong putshort rcmd re_compile_fastmap re_compile_pattern re_match re_match_2 re_rx_search re_search re_search_2 re_set_registers re_set_syntax registerrpc res_send_setqhook res_send_setrhook rexec rresvport rtime ruserok ruserpass setfileno sethostfile setkey setlogmask setnetgrent setrpcent svc_exit svc_getreq svc_getreqset svc_register svc_run svc_sendreply svc_unregister svcerr_auth svcerr_decode svcerr_noproc svcerr_noprog svcerr_progvers svcerr_systemerr svcerr_weakauth svcfd_create svcraw_create svctcp_create svcudp_bufcreate svcudp_create svcudp_enablecache syscall tell timegm tr_break tzsetwall ufc_dofinalperm ufc_doit user2netname valloc vsyslog xdecrypt xdr_accepted_reply xdr_array xdr_authdes_cred xdr_authdes_verf xdr_authunix_parms xdr_bool xdr_bytes xdr_callhdr xdr_callmsg xdr_char xdr_cryptkeyarg xdr_cryptkeyres xdr_datum xdr_des_block xdr_domainname xdr_double xdr_enum xdr_float xdr_free xdr_getcredres xdr_int xdr_keybuf xdr_keystatus xdr_long xdr_mapname xdr_netnamestr xdr_netobj xdr_opaque xdr_opaque_auth xdr_passwd xdr_peername xdr_pmap xdr_pmaplist xdr_pointer xdr_reference xdr_rejected_reply xdr_replymsg xdr_rmtcall_args xdr_rmtcallres xdr_short xdr_string xdr_u_char xdr_u_int xdr_u_long xdr_u_short xdr_union xdr_unixcred xdr_vector xdr_void xdr_wrapstring xdr_yp_buf xdr_yp_inaddr xdr_ypbind_binding xdr_ypbind_resp xdr_ypbind_resptype xdr_ypbind_setdom xdr_ypdelete_args xdr_ypmaplist xdr_ypmaplist_str xdr_yppasswd xdr_ypreq_key xdr_ypreq_nokey xdr_ypresp_all xdr_ypresp_all_seq xdr_ypresp_key_val xdr_ypresp_maplist xdr_ypresp_master xdr_ypresp_order xdr_ypresp_val xdr_ypstat xdr_ypupdate_args xdrmem_create xdrrec_create xdrrec_endofrecord xdrrec_eof xdrrec_skiprecord xdrstdio_create xencrypt xprt_register xprt_unregister yp_all yp_bind yp_first yp_get_default_domain yp_maplist yp_master yp_match yp_next yp_order yp_unbind yp_update yperr_string ypprot_err

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