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LLVM-MC(1) User Commands LLVM-MC(1)


llvm-mc - manual page for llvm-mc 15


OVERVIEW: llvm machine code playground

USAGE: llvm-mc [options] <input file>


Color Options:

--color - Use colors in output (default=autodetect)

Generic Options:

--help - Display available options (--help-hidden for more)

--help-list - Display list of available options (--help-list-hidden for more)

--version - Display the version of this program

MC Options:

-I <directory> - Directory of include files

-M <string> - Disassembler options

--arch=<string> - Target arch to assemble for, see -version for available targets

Action to perform:

--as-lex - Lex tokens from a .s file

--assemble - Assemble a .s file (default)

--disassemble - Disassemble strings of hex bytes

--mdis - Marked up disassembly of strings of hex bytes

--compress-debug-sections=<value> - Choose DWARF debug sections compression:

- No compression
- Use zlib compression

--defsym=<string> - Defines a symbol to be an integer constant

--fdebug-compilation-dir=<string> - Specifies the debug info's compilation dir

--fdebug-prefix-map=<= separated key-value pairs> - Map file source paths in debug info

--filetype=<value> - Choose an output file type:

- Emit an assembly ('.s') file
- Don't emit anything (for timing purposes)
- Emit a native object ('.o') file

-g - Generate dwarf debugging info for assembly source files

--large-code-model - Create cfi directives that assume the code might be more than 2gb away

--main-file-name=<string> - Specifies the name we should consider the input file

--masm-hexfloats - Enable MASM-style hex float initializers (3F800000r)

--masm-integers - Enable binary and hex masm integers (0b110 and 0ABCh)

--mattr=<a1,+a2,-a3,...> - Target specific attributes (-mattr=help for details)

--mcpu=<cpu-name> - Target a specific cpu type (-mcpu=help for details)

--motorola-integers - Enable binary and hex Motorola integers (%110 and $ABC)

-n - Don't assume assembly file starts in the text section

--no-exec-stack - File doesn't need an exec stack

-o <filename> - Output filename

--output-asm-variant=<uint> - Syntax variant to use for output printing

--position-independent - Position independent

--preserve-comments - Preserve Comments in outputted assembly

--print-imm-hex - Prefer hex format for immediate values

--relax-relocations - Emit R_X86_64_GOTPCRELX instead of R_X86_64_GOTPCREL

--save-temp-labels - Don't discard temporary labels

--show-encoding - Show instruction encodings

--show-inst - Show internal instruction representation

--show-inst-operands - Show instructions operands as parsed

--split-dwarf-file=<filename> - DWO output filename

--triple=<string> - Target triple to assemble for, see -version for available targets

May 2024 llvm-mc 15