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wl_cursor_image(3) Wayland wl_cursor_image(3)




#include <wayland-cursor.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t width
uint32_t height
uint32_t hotspot_x
uint32_t hotspot_y
uint32_t delay

Detailed Description

A still image part of a cursor

Use wl_cursor_image_get_buffer() to get the corresponding struct wl_buffer to attach to your struct wl_surface.

Field Documentation

uint32_t wl_cursor_image::delay

Animation delay to next frame (ms)

uint32_t wl_cursor_image::height

Actual height

uint32_t wl_cursor_image::hotspot_x

Hot spot x (must be inside image)

uint32_t wl_cursor_image::hotspot_y

Hot spot y (must be inside image)

uint32_t wl_cursor_image::width

Actual width


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