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traceanon - anonymise ip addresses of traces


traceanon [ -s | --encrypt-source ] [ -d | --encrypt-dest ] [ -p prefix | --prefix=prefix ] [ -c key | --cryptopan=key ] [ -f key-file | --keyfile=file ] [ -z level | --compress-level=level ] [ -Z method | --compress-type=method ] sourceuri desturi


traceanon anonymises a trace by replacing IP addresses found in the IP header, and any embedded packets inside an ICMP packet. It also fixes the checksums inside TCP and UDP headers.

Two anonymisation schemes are supported, the first replaces a prefix with another prefix. This can be used for instance to replace a /16 with the equivilent prefix from RFC1918. The other scheme is cryptopan which is a prefix preserving encryption scheme based on AES.

encrypt only source ip addresses.

encrypt only destination ip addresses.

substitute the high bits of the IP addresses with the provided prefix.

encrypt the IP addresses using the prefix-preserving cryptopan method using the key "key". The key can be up to 32 bytes long, and will be padded with NULL characters.

encrypt the IP addresses using the prefix-preserving cryptopan method using the key specified in the file "file". The key must be 32 bytes long. A suitable method of generating a key is by using the command dd to read from /dev/urandom.

compress the output trace using a compression level of "level". Compression level can range from 0 (no compression) through to 9. Higher compression levels require more CPU to compress data. Defaults to no compression.

compress the output trace using the compression algorithm "method". Possible algorithms are "gzip", "bzip2", "lzo", "xz" and "none". Default is "none".


traceanon --cryptopan="fish go moo, oh yes they do" \
	--encrypt-source \
	--encrypt-dest \
	--compress-level=1 \
	--compress-type=gzip \
	erf:/traces/unenc.gz \
	erf:/traces/enc.gz \


This software should support encrypting based on the direction/interface flag.

IP addresses inside ARP's are not encrypted.


More details about traceanon (and libtrace) can be found at


libtrace(3), tracemerge(1), tracefilter(1), traceconvert(1), tracestats(1), tracesummary(1), tracertstats(1), tracesplit(1), tracesplit_dir(1), tracereport(1), tracepktdump(1), tracediff(1), tracereplay(1), traceends(1), tracetopends(1)


Perry Lorier <>

October 2005 traceanon (libtrace)