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std::aligned_storage< _Len, _Align >(3cxx) std::aligned_storage< _Len, _Align >(3cxx)


std::aligned_storage< _Len, _Align > - Alignment type.


#include <type_traits>

Inherited by __gnu_cxx::__aligned_buffer< _Value >, and __gnu_cxx::__aligned_buffer< _Res >.

Detailed Description

template<std::size_t _Len, std::size_t _Align = __alignof__(typename __aligned_storage_msa<_Len>::__type)>

struct std::aligned_storage< _Len, _Align >"Alignment type.

The value of _Align is a default-alignment which shall be the most stringent alignment requirement for any C++ object type whose size is no greater than _Len (3.9). The member typedef type shall be a POD type suitable for use as uninitialized storage for any object whose size is at most _Len and whose alignment is a divisor of _Align.

Definition at line 1926 of file type_traits.


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