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__gnu_pbds::container_traits< Cntnr >(3cxx) __gnu_pbds::container_traits< Cntnr >(3cxx)


__gnu_pbds::container_traits< Cntnr > - Container traits.


#include <tag_and_trait.hpp>

Inherits __gnu_pbds::container_traits_base< Cntnr::container_category >.

Public Types

enum { order_preserving, erase_can_throw, split_join_can_throw, reverse_iteration }
typedef container_traits_base< container_category > base_type
typedef Cntnr::container_category container_category
typedef Cntnr container_type
typedef base_type::invalidation_guarantee invalidation_guarantee

Detailed Description

template<typename Cntnr>

struct __gnu_pbds::container_traits< Cntnr >"Container traits.

Definition at line 418 of file tag_and_trait.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<typename Cntnr > typedef container_traits_base<container_category> __gnu_pbds::container_traits< Cntnr >::base_type

Definition at line 423 of file tag_and_trait.hpp.

template<typename Cntnr > typedef Cntnr::container_category __gnu_pbds::container_traits< Cntnr >::container_category

Definition at line 422 of file tag_and_trait.hpp.

template<typename Cntnr > typedef Cntnr __gnu_pbds::container_traits< Cntnr >::container_type

Definition at line 421 of file tag_and_trait.hpp.

template<typename Cntnr > typedef base_type::invalidation_guarantee __gnu_pbds::container_traits< Cntnr >::invalidation_guarantee

Definition at line 424 of file tag_and_trait.hpp.

Member Enumeration Documentation

template<typename Cntnr > anonymous enum


True only if Cntnr objects guarantee storing keys by order.
True only if erasing a key can throw.
True only if split or join operations can throw.
True only reverse iterators are supported.

Definition at line 426 of file tag_and_trait.hpp.


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