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__gnu_pbds(3cxx) __gnu_pbds(3cxx)


__gnu_pbds - GNU extensions for policy-based data structures for public use.



struct associative_tag
Basic associative-container. class basic_branch
struct basic_branch_tag
Basic branch structure. class basic_hash_table
struct basic_hash_tag
Basic hash structure. struct basic_invalidation_guarantee
struct binary_heap_tag
Binary-heap (array-based). struct binomial_heap_tag
Binomial-heap. class cc_hash_max_collision_check_resize_trigger
A resize trigger policy based on collision checks. It keeps the simulated load factor lower than some given load factor. class cc_hash_table
struct cc_hash_tag
Collision-chaining hash. struct container_error
Base class for exceptions. struct container_tag
Base data structure tag. struct container_traits
Container traits. struct container_traits_base
Primary template, container traits base. struct container_traits_base< binary_heap_tag >
Specialization, binary heap. struct container_traits_base< binomial_heap_tag >
Specialization, binomial heap. struct container_traits_base< cc_hash_tag >
Specialization, cc hash. struct container_traits_base< gp_hash_tag >
Specialization, gp hash. struct container_traits_base< list_update_tag >
Specialization, list update. struct container_traits_base< ov_tree_tag >
Specialization, ov tree. struct container_traits_base< pairing_heap_tag >
Specialization, pairing heap. struct container_traits_base< pat_trie_tag >
Specialization, pat trie. struct container_traits_base< rb_tree_tag >
Specialization, rb tree. struct container_traits_base< rc_binomial_heap_tag >
Specialization, rc binomial heap. struct container_traits_base< splay_tree_tag >
Specialization, splay tree. struct container_traits_base< thin_heap_tag >
Specialization, thin heap. class direct_mask_range_hashing
A mask range-hashing class (uses a bitmask). class direct_mod_range_hashing
A mod range-hashing class (uses the modulo function). class gp_hash_table
struct gp_hash_tag
General-probing hash. class hash_exponential_size_policy
A size policy whose sequence of sizes form an exponential sequence (typically powers of 2. class hash_load_check_resize_trigger
A resize trigger policy based on a load check. It keeps the load factor between some load factors load_min and load_max. class hash_prime_size_policy
A size policy whose sequence of sizes form a nearly-exponential sequence of primes. class hash_standard_resize_policy
A resize policy which delegates operations to size and trigger policies. struct insert_error
An entry cannot be inserted into a container object for logical reasons (not, e.g., if memory is unabvailable, in which case the allocator_type's exception will be thrown). struct join_error
A join cannot be performed logical reasons (i.e., the ranges of the two container objects being joined overlaps. class linear_probe_fn
A probe sequence policy using fixed increments. class list_update
struct list_update_tag
List-update. class lu_counter_policy
class lu_move_to_front_policy
struct null_node_update
A null node updator, indicating that no node updates are required. struct null_type
Represents no type, or absence of type, for template tricks. struct ov_tree_tag
Ordered-vector tree. struct pairing_heap_tag
Pairing-heap. struct pat_trie_tag
PATRICIA trie. struct point_invalidation_guarantee
class priority_queue
struct priority_queue_tag
Basic priority-queue. class quadratic_probe_fn
A probe sequence policy using square increments. struct range_invalidation_guarantee
struct rb_tree_tag
Red-black tree. struct rc_binomial_heap_tag
Redundant-counter binomial-heap. struct resize_error
A container cannot be resized. class sample_probe_fn
A sample probe policy. class sample_range_hashing
A sample range-hashing functor. class sample_ranged_hash_fn
A sample ranged-hash functor. class sample_ranged_probe_fn
A sample ranged-probe functor. class sample_resize_policy
A sample resize policy. class sample_resize_trigger
A sample resize trigger policy. class sample_size_policy
A sample size policy. class sample_tree_node_update
A sample node updator. struct sample_trie_access_traits
A sample trie element access traits. class sample_trie_node_update
A sample node updator. struct sample_update_policy
A sample list-update policy. struct sequence_tag
Basic sequence. struct splay_tree_tag
Splay tree. struct string_tag
Basic string container, inclusive of strings, ropes, etc. struct thin_heap_tag
Thin heap. class tree
class tree_order_statistics_node_update
Functor updating ranks of entrees. struct tree_tag
Basic tree structure. class trie
class trie_order_statistics_node_update
Functor updating ranks of entrees. class trie_prefix_search_node_update
A node updator that allows tries to be searched for the range of values that match a certain prefix. struct trie_string_access_traits
struct trie_tag
Basic trie structure. struct trivial_iterator_tag
A trivial iterator tag. Signifies that the iterators has none of std::iterators's movement abilities.


typedef void trivial_iterator_difference_type
Prohibit moving trivial iterators.


void __throw_container_error ()
void __throw_insert_error ()
void __throw_join_error ()
void __throw_resize_error ()

Detailed Description

GNU extensions for policy-based data structures for public use.


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