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std::ratio< _Num, _Den >(3cxx) std::ratio< _Num, _Den >(3cxx)


std::ratio< _Num, _Den > - Provides compile-time rational arithmetic.


#include <ratio>

Public Types

typedef ratio< num, den > type

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr intmax_t den
static constexpr intmax_t num

Detailed Description

template<intmax_t _Num, intmax_t _Den = 1>

struct std::ratio< _Num, _Den >"Provides compile-time rational arithmetic.

This class template represents any finite rational number with a numerator and denominator representable by compile-time constants of type intmax_t. The ratio is simplified when instantiated.

For example:

std::ratio<7,-21>::num == -1;
std::ratio<7,-21>::den == 3;


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