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c_cssgridd(3NCARG) NCAR GRAPHICS c_cssgridd(3NCARG)


c_cssgridd - tension spline interpolation on a sphere


double *c_cssgridd(int, double [], double [], double [],

int, int, double [], double [], int *);


double *c_cssgridd (n, rlat, rlon, f, ni, nj, plat, plon, ier)


The number of input data points, n > 2.
An array containing the latitudes of the input data, expressed in degrees. The first three points must not be collinear (lie on a common great circle).
An array containing the longitudes of the input data, expressed in degrees.
Array containing data values. f[i] is the functional value at (rlat[i],rlon[i]) for i = 0 to n-1.
The number of latitudes in the interpolated grid.
The number of longitudes in the interpolated grid. ni and nj can both be 1, allowing for interpolation at a single point.
An array containing the latitudes of the points where interpolated values are to be computed. The values in plat should be in degrees.
An array of length nj containing the longitudes the output grid lines. The values in plon should be in degrees.
An error return value. If *ier is returned as 0, then no errors were detected. If *ier is non-zero, then refer to the error list in cssgrid_errors for details.


c_cssgridd is called to find an interpolating tension spline for randomly positioned data on a unit sphere. c_cssgridd is a double precision version of c_cssgrid.


c_cssgridd returns a pointer to a linear array of data that contains interpolated values at user-specified lat/lon pairs. The returned array stores its values as if they were a 2-dimensional C array with latitude being the first dimension and longitude the second dimension. That is, if out is declared as

double *out;

and we set:

out = c_cssgridd(n, rlat, rlon, f, nlat, nlon, plat, plon, &ier);

then out[i*nlon+j] is the interpolated function value at coordinate point (plat[i], plon[j]) for 0 <= i < nlat and 0 <= j < nlon. The space for out is allocated internal to c_cssgridd and is nlat * nlon doubles in size.


To use c_cssgridd, load the NCAR Graphics library ngmath.


c_cssgrid, css_overview, cssgrid_errors

Complete documentation for Cssgrid is available at URL


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University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

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