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mysql_ping(3) MariaDB Connector/C mysql_ping(3)


mysql_ping - checks if the connection between client and server is working


#include <mysql.h>
int mysql_ping(MYSQL * mysql);


Checks whether the connection to the server is working. If it has gone down, and global option reconnect is enabled an automatic reconnection is attempted.

This function can be used by clients that remain idle for a long while, to check whether the server has closed the connection and reconnect if necessary.


mysql - a mysql handle, which was previously allocated by mysql_init(3) and connected by mysql_real_connect(3). ### Notes
If a reconnect occurred the thread_id will change. Also resources bundled to the connection (prepared statements, locks, temporary tables, ...) will be released.

Return value

Returns zero on success, nonzero if an error occurred.

See also

Version 3.3.1