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mysql_init(3) MariaDB Connector/C mysql_init(3)


mysql_init - Prepares and initializes a MYSQL structure


#include <mysql.h>
MYSQL *mysql_init(MYSQL *mysql);


Prepares and initializes a MYSQL structure to be used with mysql_real_connect(3). If an address of a MYSQL structure was passed as parameter, the structure will be initialized, if NULL was passed, a new structure will be allocated and initialized.

Notes: * If parameter mysql is not NULL mysql_close(3) API function will not release the memory * Any subsequent calls to any function (except mysql_optionsv(3) will fail until mysql_real_connect(3) was called. * Memory allocated by mysql_init() must be freed with mysql_close(3).

Return value

The mysql_init() function returns an address of a MYSQL structure, or NULL in case of memory allcation error.

See also

Version 3.3.1