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Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DeferToRCPT(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DeferToRCPT(3pm)


Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DeferToRCPT - milter wrapper to delay failure returns


    use Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DeferToRCPT;
    my $milter = ...;
    my $wrapper = new Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DeferToRCPT($milter);
    my $wrapper2 = &DeferToRCPT($milter); # convenience


Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DeferToRCPT is a convenience milter wrapper which defers any error return during the "connect", "helo", and/or "envfrom" callbacks to the "envrcpt" callback.

Many broken client mailers exist in the real world and will do such things as instantaneously reconnect when receiving an error at the MAIL FROM: stage. This wrapper ensures that errors are never propagated back to the MTA until at least the RCPT TO: phase.

Errors in "connect" and "helo" will apply to the entire SMTP transaction. Errors in "envfrom" will only apply to that particular message.

This wrapper can also be used to enhance logging. Though the contained milter may wish to reject a mail in progress, it may be useful for logging purposes to capture the HELO string, sender, and recipient addresses of each attempted mail.


Todd Vierling, <> <>



2022-06-14 perl v5.34.0