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HTTP::OAI::GetRecord(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation HTTP::OAI::GetRecord(3pm)


HTTP::OAI::GetRecord - An OAI GetRecord response


HTTP::OAI::GetRecord is derived from HTTP::OAI::Response and provides access to the data contained in an OAI GetRecord response in addition to the header information provided by OAI::Response.


        use HTTP::OAI::GetRecord();
        $res = new HTTP::OAI::GetRecord();


$gr = new HTTP::OAI::GetRecord
This constructor method returns a new HTTP::OAI::GetRecord object.
$rec = $gr->next
Returns the next record stored in the response, or undef if no more record are available. The record is returned as an OAI::Record.
@recs = $gr->record([$rec])
Returns the record list, and optionally adds a record to the end of the queue. GetRecord will only store one record at a time, so this method will replace any existing record if called with argument(s).
$dom = $gr->toDOM()
Returns an XML::DOM object representing the GetRecord response.
2022-09-17 perl v5.34.0