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HTTP::OAI::Error(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation HTTP::OAI::Error(3pm)


HTTP::OAI::Error - Encapsulates OAI error codes


$err = new HTTP::OAI::Error(code=>'badArgument',[message=>'An incorrect argument was supplied'])
This constructor method returns a new HTTP::OAI::Error object.

If no message is specified, and the code is a valid OAI error code, the appropriate message from the OAI protocol document is the default message.

$code = $err->code([$code])
Returns and optionally sets the error name.
$msg = $err->message([$msg])
Returns and optionally sets the error message.

NOTE - noRecordsMatch

noRecordsMatch, without additional errors, is not treated as an error code. If noRecordsMatch was returned by a repository the HTTP::OAI::Response object will have a verb 'error' and will contain the noRecordsMatch error, however is_success will return true.


        my $r = $ha->ListIdentifiers(metadataPrefix='oai_dc',from=>'3000-02-02');
        if( $r->is_success ) {
                print "Successful\n";
        } else {
                print "Failed\n";
        print $r->verb, "\n";

Will print "Successful" followed by "error".

2022-09-17 perl v5.34.0