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gadap-config(1) General Commands Manual gadap-config(1)


gadap-config - Return metainformation about installed libraries


gadap-config [--help] [--cc] [--cxx ] [--cflags] [--libs] [--prefix] [--version]


The gadap-config program is used to retrieve information about the GADAP library on the system. On Debian it is deprecated in favour of using pkg-config gadap as the latter can be used for multiple libraries.


The following options are supported:

Displays the version of pkg-config and terminates.
Displays a help message and terminates.
This prints pre-processor and compile flags required to compile the packages on the command line, including flags for all their dependencies. gadap-config exits with a nonzero code if it can't find metadata for one or more of the packages on the command line.
This option is identical to "--cflags", only it prints the link flags.
This option lists the C compiler that should be used for compatability.
This option lists the C++ compiler that should be used for compatability.
This option prints the value of the prefix variable, giving the location at which the library was installed.


gadap-config is copyright (c) 2003-2008 by the Institute of Global Environment and Society (IGES). This manual page was written by Alastair McKinstry, <>, 2013.