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File::Util::Interface::Modern(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation File::Util::Interface::Modern(3pm)


File::Util::Interface::Modern - Modern call interface to File::Util


version 4.201720


Provides a ::Modern-style interface for argument passing to and between the public and private methods of File::Util.

Whereas call syntax used to only work like this:

   some_method( main_arg => value, qw/ --opt=value --patern=^foo --flag / )

This module allows File::Util to work with calls that are more consistent with current practices in Perl, like this:

   some_method( main_arg => { arg => value, opt => value, flag => 1 } );
   some_method( '/var/log' => { match => [ qr/.*\.log/, qr/access|error/ ] } )

Users, don't use this module by itself. It is intended for internal use only.

2020-06-21 perl v5.30.3