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ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Initializers(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Initializers(3pm)


ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Initializers - Methods used within "ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::new()" and "ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Interactive::Main_Menu"


The methods described below are 'quasi-private' methods which are called by certain publicly available methods of ExtUtils::ModuleMaker and ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Interactive. They are 'quasi-private' in the sense that they are not intended to be called by the everyday user of ExtUtils::ModuleMaker. Nothing prevents a user from calling these methods, but they are documented here primarily so that users writing plug-ins for ExtUtils::ModuleMaker will know what methods need to be subclassed. Since they are not part of the public interface, their names and functionality may change in future versions of ExtUtils::ModuleMaker.

The methods below are called in "ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::new()" but not in that same package's "complete_build". For methods called in "complete_build", please see ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::StandardText. Some of the methods below are also called within methods in ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Interactive.

Subclassers: At ExtUtils::ModuleMaker's current state of development, it is recommended that you not subclass these methods but instead focus your efforts on subclassing the methods in ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::StandardText. The latter package's methods focus more closely on the structure and content of the files built by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker.

Happy subclassing!


Methods Called within "new()"


  Usage     : $self->set_author_composite() within new() and
  Purpose   : Sets $self key COMPOSITE by composing it from $self keys AUTHOR,
  Returns   : n/a
  Argument  : n/a
  Comment   :


  Usage     : $self->set_file_composite() within new()
  Purpose   : Sets $self key COMPOSITE by composing it from $self key NAME
  Returns   : n/a
  Argument  : n/a
  Comment   :


  Usage     : $self->set_dates() within new()
  Purpose   : Sets 3 keys in $self:  year, timestamp and COPYRIGHT_YEAR
  Returns   : n/a
  Argument  : n/a
  Comment   :


  Usage     : $self->validate_values() within complete_build() and 
  Purpose   : Verify module values are valid and complete.
  Returns   : Error message if there is a problem
  Argument  : n/a
  Throws    : Will die with a death_message if errors and not interactive.
  Comment   : References many $self keys


  Usage     : $self->initialize_license() within new() and
  Purpose   : Gets appropriate license and, where necessary, fills in 'blanks'
              with information such as COPYRIGHT_YEAR, AUTHOR and
              ORGANIZATION; sets $self keys LICENSE and LicenseParts
  Returns   : n/a
  Argument  : n/a 
  Comment   :



2023-01-27 perl v5.36.0