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Recordset::FileSeq(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Recordset::FileSeq(3pm)


DBIx::Recordset::FileSeq - Sequence generator in Filesystem


 use DBIx::Recordset::FileSeq ;
 $self = DBIx::Recordset::FileSeq (undef, '/tmp/seq', $min, $max) ;
 $val1 = $self -> NextVal ('foo') ;
 $val2 = $self -> NextVal ('foo') ;
 $val3 = $self -> NextVal ('bar') ;


DBIx::Recordset::FileSeq generates unique numbers. State is kept in the filesystem. With the new constructor you specify the directory where the state is kept. (First parameter is a dummy values, that will receive the database handle from DBIx::Recordset, but you don't need it when you use it without DBIx::Recordset). Optionaly you can give a min and a max values, which will be used for new sequences.

With NextVal you can get the next value for the sequence of the given name.

The state if kept by haveing a file with the name


Each time the sequnce value increments the file is renamed. If the <max> if a numeric value the new value is checked against <max> and NextVal dies if the sequnce value increment above max.


G.Richter (


2022-06-13 perl v5.34.0