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CXL_MMIO_WRITE64(3) CXL Programmer's Manual CXL_MMIO_WRITE64(3)


cxl_mmio_write64 - write a 64-bit word to the mapped AFU Problem State Area


#include <libcxl.h>

int cxl_mmio_write64(struct cxl_afu_h *afu, uint64_t offset, uint64_t data);


cxl_mmio_write64() writes the 64-bit word data at offset from the address of the mapped Problem State Area of afu. Bytes will be swapped if the AFU endianness declared by cxl_mmio_map() differs from the host endianness.

offset is a byte address, aligned on a double word (8-byte) boundary. It must be lower than the MMIO size returned by cxl_get_mmio_size(). The address of the mapped MMIO space is returned by cxl_mmio_ptr().

If the MMIO access fails due to an IO error, a SIGBUS may be sent to the application, which would ordinarily result in the process being terminated. libcxl provides an optional SIGBUS handler, which can be installed with cxl_mmio_install_sigbus_handler(). Installing this signal handler prior to using the MMIO accessor functions will cause them to return -1 and set errno to EIO in the event of an IO error.


On success, 0 is returned. On error, -1 is returned and errno is set appropriately.


Invalid argument value, or unmapped MMIO space.
An unrecoverable error (cxl_mmio_install_sigbus_handler() must have been previously called)


cxl(3), cxl_get_mmio_size(3), cxl_mmio_install_sigbus_handler(3), cxl_mmio_map(3), cxl_mmio_ptr(3), cxl_mmio_read32(3), cxl_mmio_read64(3), cxl_mmio_unmap(3), cxl_mmio_write32(3)

2017-05-24 LIBCXL 1.5