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CXL_AFU_OPEN_H(3) CXL Programmer's Manual CXL_AFU_OPEN_H(3)


cxl_afu_open_h - open an AFU by AFU handle


#include <libcxl.h>

struct cxl_afu_h cxl_afu_open_h(struct cxl_afu_h *afu, enum cxl_views view);


cxl_afu_open_h() opens the device and returns a new AFU handle for afu, as specified by the CXL view:

AFU opened in dedicated process mode,
AFU opened in AFU directed mode, master context,
AFU opened in AFU directed mode, slave context.

A dedicated process mode AFU only has one context and only allows the device to be opened once. An AFU directed mode AFU can have many contexts, the device can be opened once for each context that is available.


On success, an AFU handle is returned. On error, NULL is returned, and errno is set appropriately.


The AFU does not support this view.
Insufficient memory.
No AFU context available.
Unsupported kernel CXL API version.


AFU device in dedicated process mode.
AFU device in AFU directed mode, master context.
AFU device in AFU directed mode, slave context.


cxl(3), cxl_afu_dev_name(3), cxl_afu_fd(3), cxl_afu_fd_to_h(3), cxl_afu_free(3), cxl_afu_get_process_element(3), cxl_afu_open_dev(3), cxl_afu_opened(3), cxl_get_api_version(3), cxl_get_api_version_compatible(3), cxl_get_cr_class(3), cxl_get_cr_device(3), cxl_get_cr_vendor(3), cxl_get_mode(3), cxl_get_modes_supported(3), cxl_read_event(3), cxl_read_expected_event(3), cxl_set_mode(3), open(2)

2017-05-24 LIBCXL 1.5