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cc++ Directory Reference(3) Library Functions Manual cc++ Directory Reference(3)


cc++ Directory Reference



file address.h
Network addresses and sockets related classes. file applog.h
Application logging facilities abstraction. file buffer.h
object passing services between threads. file cmdoptns.h
Command line option parsing interface. file common.h
GNU Common C++ global header. file config.h
file counter.h
Generic automatic counter data type template class. file digest.h
Digest algorithms: checksum, CRC and MD5. file exception.h
GNU Common C++ exception model base classes. file export.h
export/import definitions for DLL's on Win32. file file.h
Files and dynamic loader services. file functions.h
file mime.h
MIME document abstractions. file misc.h
Memory management, configuration keydata objects and string tokenizer. file missing.h
substitute functions which may be missing in target platform libc. file network.h
Network subsystem and device interface related classes. file numbers.h
Numbers and dates manipulation. file objcount.h
Template for object which holds self count of instances. file object.h
Some object manipulation classes for smart pointers, linked lists, etc. file objlink.h
Template for creating linked list of objects with lookup. file objmap.h
Template for creating hash indexed objects. file objsync.h
Template for creating objects that share a global mutex. file oststring.h
file persist.h
Persistence library classes. file pointer.h
Template for creating reference count managed smart pointers. file process.h
Process services. file serial.h
Serial I/O services. file slog.h
System logging facilities abstraction. file socket.h
Network addresses and sockets related classes. file socketport.h
Network service framework and design pattern. file ssl.h
file strchar.h
Common and portable character string related functions. file string.h
Common C++ generic string class. file template.h
GNU Common C++ template subsystem. file thread.h
Synchronization and threading services. file tokenizer.h
string tokenizer. file unix.h
UNIX domain sockets, streams and sessions. file url.h
URL streams abstraction. file xml.h
XML streams abstraction and RPC services. file zstream.h
compressed stream operations.

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