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RTPPacket::RFC2833Payload(3) Library Functions Manual RTPPacket::RFC2833Payload(3)


RTPPacket::RFC2833Payload - a structure defining RFC2833 Telephony events.


#include <rtppkt.h>

Public Attributes

uint8 event: 8
bool ebit: 1
bool rbit: 1
uint8 vol: 6
uint16 duration: 16

Detailed Description

a structure defining RFC2833 Telephony events.

structure to define RFC2833 telephony events in RTP. You can use this by recasing the pointer returned by getPayload().

Member Data Documentation

uint16 RTPPacket::RFC2833Payload::duration

bool RTPPacket::RFC2833Payload::ebit

uint8 RTPPacket::RFC2833Payload::event

bool RTPPacket::RFC2833Payload::rbit

uint8 RTPPacket::RFC2833Payload::vol


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