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ParticipantHandler(3) Library Functions Manual ParticipantHandler(3)


ParticipantHandler - Participant objects modification methods.


#include <iqueue.h>

Inherited by MembershipBookkeeping.

Public Member Functions

void setSDESItem (Participant *part, SDESItemType item, const std::string &val)
void setPRIVPrefix (Participant *part, const std::string val)

Protected Member Functions

ParticipantHandler ()
virtual ~ParticipantHandler ()

Detailed Description

Participant objects modification methods.


Federico Montesino Pouzols

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ParticipantHandler::ParticipantHandler () [inline], [protected]

virtual ParticipantHandler::~ParticipantHandler () [inline], [protected], [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void ParticipantHandler::setPRIVPrefix (Participant * part, const std::string val) [inline]

void ParticipantHandler::setSDESItem (Participant * part, SDESItemType item, const std::string & val) [inline]


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