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ARES_SAVE_OPTIONS(3) Library Functions Manual ARES_SAVE_OPTIONS(3)


ares_save_options - Save configuration values obtained from initialized ares_channel


#include <ares.h>
int ares_save_options(const ares_channel_t *channel,

struct ares_options *options, int *optmask)


The ares_save_options(3) function saves the channel data identified by channel, into the options struct identified by options, and saves the mask of options which are set to the integer pointer (passed by reference) identified by optmask.

The resultant options and optmask are then able to be passed directly to ares_init_options. When the options are no longer needed, ares_destroy_options should be called to free any associated memory.


ares_save_options(3) can return any of the following values:

The channel data was successfully stored
The memory was exhausted
The channel data identified by channel were invalid.


Since c-ares 1.6.0 the ares_options struct has been "locked" meaning that it won't be extended to cover new functions. This function will remain functioning, but it can only return config data that can be represented in this config struct, which may no longer be the complete set of config options. ares_dup(3) will not have that restriction.

The ares_options struct can not handle potential IPv6 name servers the ares channel might be configured to use. The ares_save_options(3) function will only return IPv4 servers, if any. In order to retrieve all name servers an ares channel might be using, the ares_get_servers(3) function must be used instead.


ares_destroy_options(3), ares_init_options(3), ares_get_servers(3), ares_dup(3)


ares_save_options(3) was added in c-ares 1.4.0

5 March 2010