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Biblio::Citation::Parser::Jiao(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Biblio::Citation::Parser::Jiao(3pm)


Biblio::Citation::Parser::Jiao - citation parsing using Zhuoan Jiao's parsing module.


  use Biblio::Citation::Parser::Jiao;
  # Parse a simple reference
  $parser = new Biblio::Citation::Parser::Jiao;
  $metadata = $parser->parse("M. Jewell (2002) Citation Parsing for Beginners. Journal of Madeup References 4(3).");
  print "The title of this article is ".$metadata->{atitle}."\n";


Biblio::Citation::Parser::Jiao uses a reference parsing module written by Zhuoan Jiao ( This is a good module to use if titles are not required (if they are in double-quotes they will be picked up, however).

For more information see:

The module has been repackaged to comply with the ParaCite metadata style and uses the Citation parser interface to preserve interoperability with the other modules.


$parser = Biblio::Citation::Parser::Jiao->new()
The new() method creates a new parser.
$metadata = $parser->parse($reference, [$notrim]);
This method provides a wrapper to the functions within the Jiao module that carry out the parsing. Simply pass a reference string, and a metadata hash is returned. Note that this is trimmed to comply to OpenURL standards (thus removing some information that you may wish to keep). To prevent this from occurring, ensure that $notrim is non-zero.


Original Author: Zhuoan Jiao <>

Ported to Biblio interface by: Mike Jewell <>

2022-06-08 perl v5.34.0