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LaTeXML::Core::Definition::Register(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation LaTeXML::Core::Definition::Register(3pm)


"LaTeXML::Core::Definition::Register" - Control sequence definitions for Registers.


These are set up as a speciallized primitive with a getter and setter to access and store values in the Stomach. See LaTeXML::Package for the most convenient means to create them.

It extends LaTeXML::Core::Definition::Primitive.

Registers generally store some value in the current "LaTeXML::Core::State", but are not required to. Like TeX's registers, when they are digested, they expect an optional "=", and then a value of the appropriate type. Register definitions support these additional methods:


"$value = $register->valueOf(@args);"
Return the value associated with the register, by invoking it's "getter" function. The additional args are used by some registers to index into a set, such as the index to "\count".
Assign a value to the register, by invoking it's "setter" function.


Bruce Miller <>


Public domain software, produced as part of work done by the United States Government & not subject to copyright in the US.
2020-02-18 perl v5.30.0