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man(1) kpatch-build man page man(1)


kpatch-build - build script


kpatch-build [options] <patch file>


This script takes a patch based on the version of the kernel currently running and creates a kernel module that will replace modified functions in the kernel such that the patched code takes effect.

This script currently only works on Fedora and will need to be adapted to work on other distros.


-h|--help Show this help message

-a|--archversion Specify the kernel arch version

-r|--sourcerpm Specify kernel source RPM

-s|--sourcedir Specify kernel source directory

-c|--config Specify kernel config file

-v|--vmlinux Specify original vmlinux

-j|--jobs Specify the number of make jobs

-t|--target Specify custom kernel build targets

-n|--name Specify the name of the kpatch module

-o|--output Specify output folder

-d|--debug Keep scratch files in /tmp (can be specified multiple times)

--skip-cleanup Skip post-build cleanup

--skip-gcc-check Skips check that ensures that the system gcc version and the gcc version that built the kernel match. Skipping this check is not recommended, but is useful if the exact gcc version is not available or is not easily installed. Use only when confident that the two versions of gcc output identical objects for a given target. Otherwise, use of this option might result in unexpected changed objects being detected.




No known bugs.


Udo Seidel (


Copyright (C) 2014: Seth Jennings <>, Copyright (C) 2013,2014: Josh Poimboeuf <>

23 Mar 2014 1.0