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KOJI(1) User Commands KOJI(1)


koji - Koji build client


koji [global-options] command [command-options-and-arguments]


Common commands: build, download-build, help, latest-pkg, list-targets, search


show this help message and exit
use alternate configuration file
specify a configuration profile
specify a Kerberos keytab to use
specify a Kerberos principal to use
specify the Kerberos service name for the hub
run as the specified user (requires special privileges)
specify user
specify password
do not authenticate
authenticate even for read-only operations
force use of a type of authentication, options: noauth, ssl, password, or kerberos
show debug output
show xmlrpc debug output
run quietly
don't actually run main
url of XMLRPC server
specify topdir
url of the Koji web interface
url for Koji file access
list commands

Try "koji --help" for help about global options Try "koji help" to get all available commands Try "koji <command> --help" for help about the options of a particular command Try "koji help <category>" to get commands under a particular category Available categories are: admin, all, bind, build, download, info, misc, monitor, search

February 2019 koji 1.16.2