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kamailio(8) Kamailio SIP Server kamailio(8)


kamailio - a very fast and configurable SIP server


kamailio [ -hfcmMdVIhEeblLnvKrRDTNWwtugPGSQOaAxXY ] [ -a auto-aliases-mode ] [ -A pre-processor-define ] [ -b max_rcv_buf_size ] [ -f config-file ] [ -g gid ] [ -G pgid-file ] [ -l address ] [ -L modules-dir ] [ -M private_mem_size ] [ -m shared_mem_size ] [ -n processes-no ] [ -N tcp processes-no ] [ -P pid-file ] [ -t chroot-dir ] [ -u uid ] [ -w working-dir ]


kamailio is a very fast and configurable SIP (RFC3261) server.


Enable auto-aliases with 'yes' or 'on', disable with 'no' or 'off
Add an alias, the value has to be '[proto:]hostname[:port]' (like for 'alias' global parameter)
Control atexit callbacks execution from external libraries which may access destroyed shm memory causing crash on shutdown. Can be y[es] or 1 to enable atexit callbacks, n[o] or 0 to disable, default is yes.
Add config pre-processor define (e.g., -A WITH_AUTH, -A N=1, -A X='"Y"')
Maximum receive buffer size which will not be exceeded by the auto-probing procedure even if the OS allows.
Checks the config file and displays the aliases and listen interface list.
Print configuration file evaluating includes and ifdefs
Turns on debugging, multiple -d increase the debug level.
Debugging level value
Control how daemonize is done:
-D - do not fork (almost) anyway (run in foreground, doesn't fork into daemon mode);
-DD - do not daemonize creator (main process is not daemonized);
-DDD - daemonize (default)
Log messages printed in terminal colors (requires -E)
Sends all the log messages to stderr.
Reads the configuration from config-file (default /etc/kamailio/kamailio.cfg ).
Changes the group id under which kamailio runs.
Creates a file containing the pgid of the main kamailio process.
Displays a short usage description, including all available options.
Displays details of internal constants and attributes.
Turns on via host checking when forwarding replies.
Listens on the specified address/interface. Multiple -l mean listening on multiple addresses. The address format is [proto:]address[:port], where proto = udp|tcp and address = host|ip_address|interface_name. Example: -l localhost, -l udp:, -l eth0:5062. The default behaviour is to listen on all the ipv4 interfaces.
load the module specified by name
log engine name and data
Specifies the directory where to look for kamailio modules (default: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/kamailio/modules or /usr/lib64/kamailio/modules)
Size of the shared memory which will be allocated (in Megabytes).
set the module parameter type has to be 's' for string value and 'i' for int value, example: --modparam=corex:alias_subdomains:s:" NAME ".org
Size of the private memory which will be allocated per process (in Megabytes).
Specifies the number of children processes forked per interface (default 8).
Specifies the number of children processes forked to handle tcp incoming connections (by default is equal to -n ).
Script optimization level (debugging option).
Creates a file containing the pid of the main kamailio process.
Number of sctp child processes (default: equal to -n ).
Uses dns to check if it is necessary to add a "received=" field to a via.
Same as -r but uses reverse dns (to use both: -rR ).
Set the value for server_id
Set a subst preprocessor directive
Set a substdef preprocessor directive
Set a substdefs preprocessor directive.
Disables SCTP support.
Forces kamailio to chroot after reading the config file.
Disables TCP support.
Changes the user id under which kamailio runs.
Displays the version number.
Specify internal manager for shared memory (shm) can be: fm, qm or tlsf
Specify internal manager for private memory (pkg) if omitted, the one for shm is used
Runtime dir path
Specifies the working directory. In the very improbable event that kamailio will crash, the core file will be generated here.
poll method (depending on support in OS, it can be: poll, epoll_lt, epoll_et, sigio_rt, select, kqueue, /dev/poll).







Full documentation on kamailio, including configuration guidelines, FAQs and licensing conditions, is available at

For reporting bugs see

Mailing lists: - kamailio user community - kamailio development, new features and unstable version
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