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options - a



an integer number


a boolean value, yes/true or no/false


a string, some freeform text


a line, column pair (separated by comma)


as a string but the set commands will complain if the entered text is not a valid regex

int-list, str-list

a list, elements are separated by a colon (:) if an element needs to contain a colon, it can be escaped with a backslash


a : separated list of a pairs of a buffer range (<begin line>.<begin column>,<end line>.<end column> or <begin line>.<begin column>+<length>) and a face (separated by |), except for the first element which is just the timestamp of the buffer.


a : separated list of <text>|<docstring>|<menu text> candidates, except for the first element which follows the <line>.<column>[+<length>]@<timestamp> format to define where the completion apply in the buffer.


an enum, taking one of the given values


a set of flags, taking a combination of the given values joined by a | character

Refer to the scopes documentation page for more information about scopes.


tabstop int

width of a tab character

indentwidth int

width (in spaces) used for indentation, 0 means a tab character

scrolloff coord

number of lines, columns to keep visible around the cursor when scrolling

eolformat enum(lf|crlf)

the format of end of lines when writing a buffer, this is autodetected on load; values of this option assigned to the window scope are ignored

BOM enum(none|utf8)

define if the file should be written with an unicode byte order mark; values of this option assigned to the window scope are ignored

readonly bool

prevent modifications from being saved to disk, all buffers if set to true in the global scope, or current buffer if set in the buffer scope; values of this option assigned to the window scope are ignored

incsearch bool

execute search as it is typed

aligntab bool

use tabs for alignment command

autoinfo flags(command|onkey|normal)

display automatic information box in the enabled contexts

autoshowcompl bool

automatically display possible completions when editing a prompt

ignored_files regex

filenames matching this regex won’t be considered as candidates on filename completion (except if the text being completed already matches it)

disabled_hooks regex

hooks whose group matches this regex won’t be executed. For example indentation hooks can be disabled with .*-indent

filetype str

arbitrary string defining the type of the file filetype dependent actions should hook on this option changing for activation/deactivation

path str-list

directories to search for gf command

completers str-list

completion engines to use for insert mode completion (they are tried in order until one generates candidates). Existing completers are:

word=all, word=buffer

which complete using words in all buffers (word=all) or only the current one (word=buffer)


which tries to detect when a filename is being entered and provides completion based on local filesystem


where opt-name is a completions option.

static_words str-list

list of words that are always added to completion candidates when completing words in insert mode

completions_extra_word_chars str

a string containing all additional character that should be considered as word character for the purpose of insert mode completion.

autoreload enum(yes|no|ask)

auto reload the buffers when an external modification is detected

debug flags(hooks|shell|profile)

dump various debug information in the *debug* buffer

idle_timeout int

timeout, in milliseconds, with no user input that will trigger the InsertIdle and NormalIdle hooks.

fs_checkout_timeout int

timeout, in milliseconds, between checks in normal mode of modifications of the file associated with the current buffer on the filesystem.

modelinefmt string

A format string used to generate the mode line, that string is first expanded as a command line would be (expanding %...{...} strings), then markup tags are applied (c.f. the Expansions documentation page)


colon separated list of key=value pairs that are forwarded to the user interface implementation. The NCurses UI support the following options:


if yes or true, the terminal emulator title will be changed


if yes, or true the status line will be placed at the top of the terminal rather than at the bottom


specify the nice assistant you get in info boxes, can be clippy (the default), cat or none


boolean option that enables mouse support

ncurses_wheel_down_button, ncurses_wheel_up_button

specify which button send for wheel down/up events


string that will be used to mark the end of the buffer


if set to fill, the padding string will fill the entire space between the end of the buffer and the bottom of the current window, if set to single the padding string will be inserted once at the end of the buffer. A value of off disables any kind of padding