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UStencil(3U) InterViews Reference Manual UStencil(3U)


UStencil - structured graphic displaying a bitmap


#include <Unidraw/Graphic/stencil.h>


A UStencil is a Graphic that displays a bitmapped image. Two Bitmap objects, an image and a mask, define a stencil's appearance. The stencil potentially paints foreground color where image has a true value and background color where image is false, but only pixels that have a corresponding true value in mask are thus affected. The stencil's origin coincides with the origins of the image and mask bitmaps. The mask's bounding box defines the stencil's extent.


Construct a UStencil, supplying an image and an optional mask bitmap and an optional graphic from which to obtain an initial set of graphics state. Specifying nil for mask is equivalent to supplying a mask of the same size and shape as image that contains all true values.
Return the bitmap parameters supplied in the constructor.


Bitmap(3I), Graphic(3U)

2 February 1991 Unidraw