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ControlInfo(3U) InterViews Reference Manual ControlInfo(3U)


ControlInfo - object for storing control-related information


#include <Unidraw/ctrlinfo.h>


A ControlInfo object stores information from which to build a Control for executing a command or engaging the current tool. The ControlInfo object is stored with the command or tool, thus providing all the information necessary to recreate the interface when the command or tool is retrieved from disk through a catalog. The ControlInfo object also defines the mapping between a keycode and a UControl instance to support keyboard equivalents via the KeyMap class.



Create a new ControlInfo instance, supplying either a GraphicComp or a character string to define its label's appearance. The label parameter is an iconic or textual cue that a control displays to identify the command or tool it activates. The keylabel parameter specifies a string to be displayed in the control that identifies the control's keyboard equivalent, while the keycode parameter defines the mapping between a keyboard event and the ControlInfo. Finally, the owner parameter specifies the command or tool instance to which the ControlInfo object corresponds.
Explicitly set or get a constructor-specified parameter. The Set operations delete the value they replace if it is different from the given one. The string setting operations copy their arguments.
Return a copy of this ControlInfo object, copying its constituent members.


Catalog(3U), Command(3U), KeyMap(3U), Tool(3U), UControl(3U), uctrls(3U)

20 November 1990 Unidraw