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SoSFTrigger(3IV)() SoSFTrigger(3IV)()


SoSFTrigger — field used to trigger engines or connection networks


SoField > SoSField > SoSFTrigger


#include <Inventor/fields/SoSFTrigger.h>

Methods from class SoSFTrigger:

void setValue()

void getValue()

int operator ==(const SoSFTrigger &t) const

int operator !=(const SoSFTrigger &t) const

Methods from class SoSField:

static SoType getClassTypeId()

Methods from class SoField:

void setIgnored(SbBool ignore)

SbBool isIgnored() const

SbBool isDefault() const

virtual SoType getTypeId() const

virtual SbBool isOfType(SoType type) const

SbBool set(const char *valueString)

void get(SbString &valueString)

void touch()

SbBool connectFrom(SoField *fromField)

SbBool connectFrom(SoEngineOutput *fromEngine)

void disconnect()

SbBool isConnected() const

SbBool isConnectedFromField() const

SbBool getConnectedField(SoField *&writingField) const

SbBool isConnectedFromEngine() const

SbBool getConnectedEngine(SoEngineOutput *&engineOutput) const

void enableConnection(SbBool flag)

SbBool isConnectionEnabled() const

int getForwardConnections(SoFieldList &list) const

SoFieldContainer * getContainer() const


This class can be used to start or to synchronize a network of field connections. It is the "null" field — a field with no values. It is typically used as the "start button" for engines that change over time.

Triggers can be connected from any other type of field, and will notify any engines or nodes they are part of (or any other triggers they are connected to) whenever the value of the field is set (even if it is set to its current value) or the field is touch()'ed.

Since they have no value, SoSFTriggers are not written to file. A node or engine containing an SoSFTrigger field will write only the field's name.


void setValue()

Starts the notification process; this is equivalent to calling touch().

void getValue()

Forces any connected engines or fields to evaluate themselves.

int operator ==(const SoSFTrigger &t) const

int operator !=(const SoSFTrigger &t) const

All trigger fields are equal; these methods always return TRUE and FALSE, respectively.


SoSFBool, SoMFBool