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IMEDIFF2(1) imediff2 User Manual IMEDIFF2(1)


imediff2 - An interactive fullscreen 2-way merge tool


imediff2 [-m] [-u] [-a] [-b] [-c] [-N] [-o outputfile] {file1} {file2}


Merge two (slightly different) files interactively with a user friendly fullscreen interface in text mode.

Imediff2 shows the differences of given two files (in color if the terminal supports them), lets you scroll the file and toggle changes between old and new version one by one. If the 'unresolved' mode is enabled, you can optionally save both versions.

Additionally, if the $EDITOR environment variable is set or if /usr/bin/editor exists and is executable, you can also launch an external editor and manually edit the half-merged file before saving it, perhaps to resolve the 'unresolved' parts.

Empty lines are shown in reverse colors so you see that you can select them. If a line is missing completely from one file, imediff2 displays it as a reversed '?'. While it seems to take one line in the editing phase, it is naturally not saved into the output file.

To see a list of keyboard commands, hit h or ? in the editor.

The program exits with status 0 if the changes were saved, 1 if the merging was aborted and 2 if the parameters were invalid.


-o outputfile, --output=outputfile
Write output to given file. If missing, changes will not be saved.

-N, --new-file

Treat absent files as empty.

-m, --mono

Force monochrome display.

-u, --unresolved

Enable 'unresolved' mode (see above).


Start with version A (={file1}) (default).


Start with version B (={file1}).


Start with unresolved changes (implies -u).

-h, --help

Show summary of options and exit.

-t, --template

Create (or overwrite) ~/.imediff2 with default values.

-V, --version

Show version and exit.


The following keyboard commands are available in the editor as default.

h, ?

Show commands.

up, down, left, right

Move in document.

page up, page down

Move a screenfull.


Toggle selected change.

n, tab, space

Jump to next change.


Jump to previous change.


Set current chunk to version A.


Set current chunk to version B.


Set current chunk to unresolved.


Set all changes to version A.


Set all changes to version B.


Set all changes to unresolved.


Launch external editor.


Discard editor-made changes. (Available only after e.)

x, s

Save and exit.

q, ctrl+c

Exit without saving.

home, end

Jump to start or end.


The key choices of the above keyboard commands can be configured in ~/.imediff2 which is created at the first execution of this command. The left side is the keys described in this manpage. The right side is your configuration choices. The current settings can be confirmed by the 'h' key dialog.


sdiff (1), diff (1), merge (1), diff3 (1).


This manual page as well as the program itself was written by Jarno Elonen (<>). Unlike the program itself, which is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 (or any later version, at your option), this document has been placed into the Public Domain.


Jarno Elonen


Copyright © 2003-2006 elonen <>
2006-03-10 imediff2