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ifup(8) System Manager's Manual ifup(8)


ifup - bring interfaces up


ifup [<options>...] <interfaces>


ifup is used to configure interfaces according to how they are configured in the configuration database.


-a, --auto

Only match interfaces that are marked as auto.

-f, --force

Force configuration of the interface. This option exists for compatibility with other implementations.

-h, --help

Display supported options to ifquery.

-i, --interfaces FILE

Use FILE as the config database.

-n, --no-act

Show what commands would be run instead of actually running them. Useful for testing configuration changes.

-v, --verbose

Show what commands are being run as they are executed.

-E, --executor-path PATH

Look for executors in the given PATH.

-I, --include PATTERN

Include PATTERN when matching against the config or state database.

-L, --no-lock

Do not use a lockfile to serialize state changes.

-S, --state-file FILE

Use FILE as the state database.

-T, --timeout TIMEOUT

Wait up to TIMEOUT seconds for executors to complete before raising an error.

-V, --version

Print the ifupdown-ng version and exit.

-X, --exclude PATTERN

Exclude PATTERN when matching against the config or state database.


ifupdown-ng.conf(5) ifdown(8) ifquery(8) interfaces(5)


Ariadne Conill <>