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ICUINFO(1) ICU 67.1 Manual ICUINFO(1)


icuinfo - Shows some basic info about the current ICU


icuinfo [ -h, -?, --help ] [ -V, --version ] [ -c, --copyright ] [ -i, --icudatadir directory ] [ -v, --verbose ] [ -L, --list-plugins ] [ -m, --milisecond-time ] [ -K, --cleanup ]


icuinfo prints basic information about the current version of ICU.


Print help about usage and exit.
Print the version of icuinfo and exit.
Embeds the standard ICU copyright into the output-file.
Display extra informative messages during execution.
Look for any necessary ICU data files in directory. For example, the file must be located when ICU's data is not built as a shared library. The default ICU data directory is specified by the environment variable ICU_DATA. Most configurations of ICU do not require this argument.
If specified, list and diagnose issues with ICU plugins.
Attempt to unload plugins before exiting.
Print the current UTC time in milliseconds.


Copyright (C) 2010 International Business Machines Corporation and others

1 May 2010 ICU MANPAGE