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IBID-SETUP(1) Ibid - Multi-protocol Bot IBID-SETUP(1)


ibid-setup - Create a basic configuration file and database for an Ibid bot




This program sets up everything that a new Ibid bot needs before it can run. It asks a series of questions about the new bot, and writes out a basic configuration file - ibid.ini(5) - to the current directory. It also creates a database for the bot, by default a SQLite database in the current directory.

This should be run in the directory which will become the new Ibid bot's base.

Should there be an existing ibid.ini in the current directory, it will be used, and the only questions asked will be for adding an administrative user. These can safely be skipped with a ^C.


The Ibid bot's configuration file, will be created if it doesn't exist.


ibid(1), ibid.ini(5),

March 2010 Ibid 0.1