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KXD(8) System Manager's Manual KXD(8)


kxdsecurely forward X conections


kxd [-t] [-i] [-p port]


This is the daemon for kx.

Options supported by kxd:

TCP. Normally kxd will only listen for X connections on a UNIX socket, but some machines (for example, Cray) have X libraries that are not able to use UNIX sockets and thus you need to use TCP to talk to the pseudo-xserver created by kxd. This option decreases the security significantly and should only be used when it is necessary and you have considered the consequences of doing so.
Interactive. Do not expect to be started by inetd, but allocate and listen to the socket yourself. Handy for testing and debugging.
Port. Listen on the port port. Only usable with -i.


Put the following in /etc/inetd.conf:

kx	stream	tcp	nowait	root	/usr/athena/libexec/kxd	kxd


kx(1), rxtelnet(1), rxterm(1)

September 27, 1996 KTH-KRB