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KX(1) General Commands Manual KX(1)


kxsecurely forward X conections


kx [-l username] [-k] [-d] [-t] [-p port] [-P] host


The kx program forwards an X connection from a remote client to a local screen through an authenticated and encrypted stream. Options supported by kx:

Log in on the remote the host as user username.
Do not enable keep-alives on the TCP connections.
Do not fork. This is mainly useful for debugging.
Listen not only on a UNIX-domain socket but on a TCP socket as well.
Use the port port.
Force passive mode.

This program is used by rxtelnet and rxterm and you should not need to run it directly.

It connects to a kxd on the host host and then will relay the traffic from the remote X clients to the local server. When started, it prints the display and Xauthority-file to be used on host host and then goes to the background, waiting for connections from the remote kxd.


rxtelnet(1), rxterm(1), kxd(8)

September 27, 1996 KTH-KRB